As the holiday season rapidly approaches, the allure of spending Christmas amidst the mesmerizing beauty of Victoria Falls becomes increasingly tempting. However, the question looms: Is it too late to plan for a last-minute Christmas getaway to this enchanting destination? In this comprehensive exploration, we’ll delve into various aspects and considerations for those contemplating a spontaneous festive escape to Victoria Falls.

1. Availability of Accommodations

One of the primary concerns when planning a last-minute holiday is the availability of accommodations. Given the popularity of Victoria Falls as a festive destination, securing a place to stay can be a competitive endeavor. However, with flexibility in dates and swift action, it’s still within the realm of possibility to find suitable lodgings that align with your preferences and budget.

2. Flight Options and Availability

Finding available flights, especially during the peak holiday season, can be a considerable challenge. However, the dynamic nature of the travel industry means that various airlines may still have openings, and last-minute deals could present surprisingly affordable options. A prudent approach involves checking multiple airlines and being open to flexible travel dates, which can significantly increase your chances of securing suitable flights.

3. Festive Activities and Events

Victoria Falls embraces the festive spirit with a range of activities and events. While some may require advance booking due to high demand, others may offer spontaneity, adding to the allure of a last-minute holiday. Keeping a keen eye on local festivities, special dinners, and celebratory events can enhance your Christmas experience and contribute to the overall joy of the season.

4. Visa and Travel Documentation

Ensuring that your travel documentation, including visas, is in order is a crucial step in last-minute travel planning. Some destinations may have specific requirements, and processing times can vary. While last-minute arrangements are possible, it’s essential to be aware of any necessary paperwork and ensure that everything is in order to avoid any travel hiccups.

5. Weather Considerations

Victoria Falls experiences its summer season during Christmas, characterized by warm temperatures and occasional rainfall. This necessitates careful consideration when packing for your trip, taking into account both the adventure activities the destination offers and any planned festive celebrations. Being well-prepared for the weather ensures a comfortable and enjoyable holiday experience.

6. Flexibility in Plans

Flexibility is a key factor when planning a last-minute holiday. Being open to alternative accommodations, adjusting travel dates, and considering different activities can make the process smoother. Victoria Falls, with its diverse offerings, allows for adjustments based on availability, ensuring that you can still craft a memorable and enjoyable itinerary.

7. Local COVID-19 Guidelines

In the current global climate, staying informed about COVID-19 guidelines and regulations is paramount. This includes understanding the requirements in both your departure location and Victoria Falls. Checking for any travel restrictions, testing requirements, or quarantine protocols is essential to ensure a smooth and safe journey during these uncertain times.


While planning a last-minute Christmas holiday to Victoria Falls poses its challenges, it is by no means an insurmountable task. With a proactive approach, flexibility, and a sense of adventure, you can still create magical memories in this extraordinary destination. Monitoring available accommodations, exploring flight options, and embracing the spontaneity that comes with a festive escape to Victoria Falls can lead to a holiday experience that surpasses expectations.