He eventually decides to finally go home via a makeshift raft after finally burying Fyre Festival… Internet petitions being made and then immediately accomplishing nothing is a frequent occurrence across videos. In fact, several people have pointed out that the fate of the project conforms to the negative stereotype of American liberals running and hiding in a safe space the moment there is any substantial/valid criticism of their positions. IH does note that just ending the project would have been the more dignified thing to do. In “The Cost of Concordia”, this is the main cause of the ship’s crash. Concordia’s bridge crew constantly misheard Captain Schettino’s course corrections, the Captain misheard their reports, they’re constantly countermanding each other, and the accordingly-confused helmsman Jacob Bin misunderstood commands from anyone at critical points.

To compensate players angry about the Duffel Kerfuffle, Bethesda attempted to reward them with the barest minimum amount of in-game currency . The irony comes from the fact that not only does the promised canvas bag exist in-game as a cosmetic item, but its cost was just short of the compensation Bethesda gave out. In “The Cost of Concordia” when the crew decides to lie to the passengers to prevent a panic a poster reading “L.I.V.E.” is shown with the “L” saying to do just that. “I” stands for “Interfere with rescue”, “V” is for “Vindicate self” and “E” means “Evacuate first”. “TheVarus Strakes Buck” is set continuing off said ending, with President Elon Musk celebrating the unveiling of his new “cyber-rocket” and his plans to recolonize Earth from Mars while discussing “the mistakes of the past.” It ends with him coughing up blood, revealing he’s infected and the virus has somehow arrived on Mars. “Tales From TheVarus” is set up à la an After the End scenario from Fallout with the viewer coming out of cyro to be informed of what happened during the COVID-19 outbreak by a robot.

No, I have not watched the same tv show every day for 5 months. SWGOH is the only media in my life that can claim my attention span for the past several years. Camping himself retired in shame and died about two years after all the infamy. Family Radio sold off major stations to pay for the massive doomsday ad campaign, and had to sell off more when donations dried up following the backlash. They had to distance themselves as far as they could from Camping, even removing the archives of his work from their website. Finally, they filled the program slots with media produced by more mainstream sects of Christianity, the sort of churches that Camping spent a lifetime denouncing as corrupt.

His ad for Honey in Jeff the Killer starts with a hilariously over-the-top scenario where a man is denied life-saving medicine for his future-president daughter because he is one cent short. He then legitimately describes Honey’s benefits, even if he does crack up every now and again while doing so. The Gentleman Pirate, the longest video on either channel at an hour and sixteen minutes, has its own page. All videos are narrated with a calm, soothing and sophisticated tone through and through, a comedic contrast with the bizarre facts and trends that are covered. If you want to check your frame rate, you can bring up the debug screen by pressing F3.

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While discussing the scope of No Man’s Sky, he shows an article stating that the universe would take over 584 billion years to explore.It’s so vast, that by the time you finish exploring it all, I would have two new videos published. Cue petty criminals stealing up to $1000 dollars’ worth of goods in plain view of everyone and getting away scot-free, in spite of surveillance footage and witness testimony, because the police wouldn’t enforce the law and they were legally required to wear masks and conceal their identities. His NordVPN ad in architecture started off explaining that the sponsor is easygoing, making it difficult to lose them as a sponsor, then shows an email from the marketing team asking IH to just stick to the script rather than do a Shadowman-esque ad. Cue IH making a Speedrun of losing a sponsorship and starting the ad off with “hurr durr, it’s me, NordVPNMan!”, and continuing from there. In “The Cost of Concordia”, the Costa Concordia crashing into the rocks, a massive real-life disaster, is portrayed in dramatic Slow Motion with sad music… And stereotypical Italian things like glasses of wine, plates of pasta, and accordions being flung through the cabin by the impact.

In the relevant Q&A, Historian points out that Rainfurrest also had its share of incompetent management. While they could balance a budget, they were far too lenient with rule breakers. Years of absolutely no discipline attracted more and more degenerates, until things finally got wildly out of hand in the 2015 event. In the Rainfurrest, Dashcon, and Fyre Fest videos, attendees who take an accurate stock of the situation are shown. For example, a fur-suited furry tells his fellow attendees to put their pants on and stop breaking everything, and some Dashcon attendees figure out it’s a scam pretty quick. It goes to show that relatively normal/innocent people got involved in this stuff, instead of them all being freaks or gullible people like most sources on these subjects would have you believe.

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While they very quickly apologized, the media coverage pushed them to incessantly apologize to almost everyone who felt offended by their ignorant post. And while he hasn’t said it outright, he seems to be a huge Fallout fan based on how much he’s used clips and screenshots from the games in other videos. Harold Camping based his entire Rapture prophecy on, for all intents and purposes, randomly smashing together numbers derived from various parts of the Bible and then adding 2011 as the year to the sum for reasons known only to him, which just so happened to make a date in the upcoming year. After his first prediction didn’t happen, Camping desperately tried to re-calculate the Rapture by adding the number of fish caught by Christ’s disciples in the Book of John as extra days to his original sum, thereby “proving” how much time was left until the Rapture would actually happen. Thankfully though, he did come to his senses before the second predicted date came along. “9gag’s Meme Rock” goes over the kinds of memes being put on a giant stone tablet to be buried, intended to serve as a freeze-frame of internet culture (or at least 9gag’s culture) as it was in 2017.

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The “Duffle Kerfuffle” had no logical reason to happen, either. What makes this incredibly petty is that they previously demonstrated that they were perfectly capable of making commemorative canvas bags, as seen with the previous New Vegas bags and those influencers that received an actual canvas bag for promoting Fallout 76. For some reason, Bethesda just made things worse for themselves at every turn. In “Very Serious Business.” Historian notes how many marketing people try to be “hip” and “#relatable” by using memes, but only a few did it with any success.

A lot of what was put on it were memes that were either far too generic or had quickly gone stale even during their time, which was close to a decade before the rock was etched. He doesn’t seem to be nearly as tolerant of the for-profit meme thievery by Instagram. However, he seems satisfied with the conclusion after it was revealed that Reddit was also stealing memes from Instagram. So online piracy is okay, as long you yourself produce content for others to steal. The “Snitching Hotlines” in “TheVarus Strakes Buck” clearly didn’t think through that people would not be pleased at the idea of being ratted out to any sort of governmental authority, and so the servers were swarmed with prank calls, vulgar memes, and nudes. Not so anonymous or private when it turns out state sunshine laws ensure that their details are actually on public record and can be viewed by anyone who knows where to look.

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Pitbull and the townsfolk had a lot of fun, and Kodiak got a Colbert Bump from the exposure, so everybody won. 4chan began assaulting Shia Labeouf’s “He Will Not Divide Us” art project because they thought it was stupid, and Shia naturally opposed them. 4chan conclusively won the war on all counts until Shia’s attempts to preclude their meddling made the project too boring to mess with.

  • They are trying to sell me something, and as others have said, I don’t have to buy it.
  • Can you please remove the Hyperdrive bundle icon from the home screen of veteran players?
  • I focus on the stylistics of the text to get the best results.
  • “Very Serious Business” is all about various businesses completely failing to realize that allowing the consumer to take part in your online marketing might cause some ridiculous things to inevitably happen.
  • “9gag’s Meme Rock” goes over the kinds of memes being put on a giant stone tablet to be buried, intended to serve as a freeze-frame of internet culture (or at least 9gag’s culture) as it was in 2017.

He did tell people at the time that it was wrong to prank the house or do anything illegal though. Francesco Schettino, captain of the Costa Concordia, noticeably lied many times over the course of the incident. At first it was him just trying to downplay the damage or not knowing the full scope of it himself, but once it became clear the ship was going down and evacuation needed to begin, he snuck off the ship in a lifeboat, https://globalcloudteam.com/ claiming he tripped into it and didn’t have time to get out so he might as well take it to safety. He ignored the fact he could have easily taken the lifeboat back once it let off its current evacuees (in fact, that’s what he was outright told to do by the Coast Guard), plus he took the time to change out of his captain’s uniform into a business suit beforehand, as if intending to slip away in the confusion.

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Hiding those game modes to advertise seems like CG would rather us buy things rather than play their game. Explain how a company should not advertise because some people are unemployed. 4chan rigged a poll to send pop star Pitbull to the most remote Wal-Mart they could find in Kodiak, Alaska. However, Pitbull kept up his end of the bargain in spite of that, and it actually turned out well for everyone involved.

In his Q&A, the IH notes that the amount of money they walked away with isn’t worth the difficulty they will have finding jobs in the future. He disclaims his research into what happened to the money that went into Dashcon as merely speculation on his part, but it’s very clear that he’s calling out the event organizers for opportunistically stealing money. “Friendship Ended.” is the story of two Indian friends who had a very bitter falling out. And as memey as it was, the internet came together to push for the two to reconcile. Not only did they make up while also keeping newcomer Salman as a friend, but Asif, the guy who announced the friendship end, was promoted to moderator of r/indianpeoplefacebook where the story got its infamy.

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This law also applied to people who were just entering custody, so naturally this resulted in criminals being released from prison as soon as they get arrested . IH notes that crimes of all types skyrocketed during this whole debacle. While the organizers of Rainfurrest weren’t scamming anyone and had previously held successful events, the fact they were far too lenient with rule-breaking leads to their convention’s demise. Historian notes Rainfurrest and Dashcon as the Spiritual Antithesis of the other.

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Attempted by the Dashcon organizers when they revealed that Welcome to Night Vale quit. While they got most of the attendees to join in on a collective disappointed sigh, one guy yelled for his money back. Although the real-life instances of people getting pools closed have a text disclaimer telling people not to do things like that. That said, the Historian does entertain the idea of the Festival being a scam, but with the information he had, he found it hard to believe it was a genuine con due to how poorly-managed it was.

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It was released on 14th April 2022 and since then everybody is talking about this heart-pounding action movie. To be clear, I am talking about literally the SAME advertisement every day. My main issue with it is that the Hyperdrive Bundle icon sometimes seems to have priority over other, more important aspects in the game, such as TW or TB icons.

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Their inability to coordinate causes the Concordia to drift far too close to the shoreline, and causes the ship to hit Skull Rock and rip open three of its compartments. In this case, this eventually kills 32 of the ship’s occupants . In the Rainfurrest video, one congoer is shown to be telling his fellow attendees “put your pants on and stop breaking shit!” No one listened to him, and kept trashing everything they could get their hands on. In The Failure of Dashcon, at the part where the convention goers perform the Hunger Games sign as a protest, the subtitles read “This shit actually happened”.

Fallon is shown laughing at/doing unfunny memes when they are discussed and he is shown in a box of tools during My Immortal. He advises his viewers to wear hazmat suits when journeying to r/dankmemes and warns them not to touch anything or else they’ll “become retarded, too.” On a more serious note, his disclaimers usually end with “Please behave yourselves,” as if IH is fully aware of how many memelords could be frequent viewers and what kind of hateful trolling they are capable of. His Sundance Rejects videos raid: shadow legends advertising budget utilize Limited Animation and various stock images crudely edited and photoshopped to serve as characters. The belief in the Rapture espoused by Harold Camping in “Going Camping at the End of the World” is not an universal one in Christianity with mainstream denominations like Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, several Protestants and Quakers pointing out that trying to decipher when it happens goes against the scriptures. In fact, some Catholics and Protestant groups mobilized to protest against this campaign.

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The IH admits that the first few iterations of Shia LeBouf’s “He Will Not Divide Us” campaign were genuinely inspired, did attract a lot of attention, and created a lot of discussion, even saying of the project “it was arguably the greatest reality TV show over the last decade”. It might not have been famous in the way Shia wanted, but people were going to tune out eventually even if everything went right. It’s then subverted when he points out the fifth iteration of “He Will Not Divide Us” was boring and nobody was watching it even if it was not being disrupted.

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The thieves in the 2000 Swedish Nationalmuseum robbery avoided the police, left no identifiable evidence at the scene, and got away successfully with three paintings worth millions. If only they didn’t use their real phone number when renting out their getaway motorboat . Historian displays genuine disapproval at how /b/ abused Agile’s hashtag to publicly display disgusting and offensive memes. New York City and Los Angeles experimented with setting bail as low as literally $0, making $1000 worth of stolen goods the minimum for a police response, and allowing prisoners with nonviolent charges and short sentences to go free. What resulted was a predictable Vicious Cycle of unimpeded shoplifting and criminals getting out of jail as quickly as they got thrown in and vice versa. When asked on the subject later, the IH claimed he couldn’t believe Fyre Fest was a scam from the very beginning because it was such a poorly-executed one, with no hopes of it not blowing up and attracting media attention and legal action.

By extension, he paints the law enforcement involved in a negative light, trying to get back at Heene for his negative view of one of their own and using the case against him to deflect attention away from embezzlement and other unsavory things. Internet Historian is a YouTuber who creates informative videos on internet trends or events that have gone down in infamy throughout the web. There’s little telling as to which topic will be covered and when.

Unfortunately, it had little effect as Camping had denounced mainstream churches as corrupt anyways and he persisted on his folly. Historian claims that, in the aftermath of No Man’s Sky’s disastrous launch, Sean had effectively become “Punished Sean”, complete with an eyepatch and scars to show for it. The third is the Fyre Festival, which was planned to be a two-week-long summer vacation in the Bahamas, planned by a con man for millennials, and the festival ended terribly due to poor management. The “Going Camping at the End of The World” video is a mix of this and Sudden Downer Ending. Sure, for the rest of the world it was an outright Happy Ending, with the end of the world prediction turning out to be wrong. The followers who sold all their valuables, quit their jobs, and abandoned their education are completely lost and had nowhere to go, besides trying to rebuild their broken lives.

The difference is that Bethesda is an industry juggernaut with a well established fanbase that had no real excuse to put out a product this broken while Hello Games was a small indie studio that was simply out of its depth when it came to a project like No Man’s Sky. The contrast is further noted in the ending of “The Engoodening of No Man’s Sky”; Hello Games got their act together to finish/fix their game and then some while Fallout 76 had still yet to actually fix game-breaking issues that were present since the beginning in favor of pay-to-win mechanics that made the game worse. My name is Olga and I have been doing social media marketing for two years now. I have experience in maintaining social media accounts in B2B and B2C formats. Development of the strategy, formation of the content plan, search for the target audience of your brand, setting up targeted advertising, control of compliance with the SMM strategy and content plan, reporting and more.